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different parts of braces
Most common parts are BANDS, rings of metal which fit around the back teeth, BRACKETS, metal or transparent, hold the ARCHWIRE against each tooth, ELASTICS (colourful or transparent), tiny rubber rings that tie the archwire into the brackets. Mainly our young patients enjoy changing of elastics and therefore colour during each visit. Nevertheless, elastics have extreme friction and so they are slowing down the treatmeant. The solution to this complication are the so called self-ligating brackets, which do not need elastics at all. The treatmeant can be about 1/3 faster than with conventional braces.
součásti fixních aparátů1  součásti fixních aparátů2
Ceramic brackets
Transparent brackets. The best of them contain a metal slot for the archwire which allows faster teeth movements and therefore shorter treatment time.
 keramické zámky
Self ligating brackets
They are holding the archwire by themselves. They don't need elastics. It leads to low friction and fastest treatmeant possible.
samoligovací zámky1  samoligovací zámky2
Lingual braces
Brackets are fixed on the inner surface of the teeth. Therefore nobody can see them at all. Most luxurious type of braces. They are less comfortable mainly for tongue, but it is counterweighted with excellent esthetics.
lingvální rovnátka
The most popular type of orthodontic appliance in our office!!! Aligning of all anomalies with series of clear removable aligners. Patient will get about 20-40 aligners for each jaw. It is necessary to wear them whole day, not only at night. More info: www.invisalign.com
Removable braces
They are used mainly as retainers stabilizing the position of aligned teeth after fixed appliances. Only in very young children we use them for teeth aligning, but it is usually necessary to complete the treatmeant with fixed appliances.
snímací aparáty
Vacuumpressed removable retainer
We use it to retain the result after fixed appliances. It is 1mm thin, clear plastic. Advantages over the acrylic removable retainers: better esthetics, comfortable, no speech problems. Disadvantages:it breaks more often and has to be newly made after new big fillings, crowns, veneers etc.
retenční folie, návlek1  retenční folie, návlek2
Fixed retainer
Absolutely necessary for stabilizing the teeth after treatmeant. Each patient will get them after removing fixed braces together with removable retainers. It is very thin wire fixed on the inner surface of your front teeth. It should stay in the mouth at best for the rest of your life, at least for 8 years. It has to be made to allow excellent oral hygiene.
fixní retainer
Jumping appliance
Fixed accessory to braces used on one or both sides. It is very potent in treating severe overjet. On the picture it looks terribly, but in fact it is no esthetic obstacle or discomfort while chewing. It stays in the mouth for 4 to 6 months.
jumping aparát
Titanium screw, inserted between the roots. Insertion is absolutely “nopain” procedure lasting for about 1 minute. Microscrews caused revolution in orthodontics after coming to the market. They allow teeth movements which were impossible before.
kotevní implantát
Class II elastics
Elastic rings, patient is applying them by himself. They are used to treat overjet.
 tahy ii. třídy
Fixed appliance for expansion of upper jaw. Patient (or parents, partner...) activate its screw twice a day. During expansion a gap between your central incisiors arises. Which closes by itself several weeks after. The appliance should be in the mouth for 4 months.
Fixed biteplate
Acrylic plate at the back of upper front teeth used to open the bite. We use it when lower front teeth bite into the palate. It's fixed in the mouth. We advise our patients to carry their toothbrush for each visit to brush the space bellow the biteplate. The appliance stays in the mouth for 4 to 6 months.
fixní nákusná deska
It is not used very often. Jumping appliances and microscrews have replaced it in most cases. It is used for movements with upper back teeth and slowing down growth of upper jaw.
zevní tah


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