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I have worked in Dr.Suchy´s office since 2011. It's my first full time job and I dare to say it is my last one :). In my free time I like going to a fitness centre, eating out with my friends or reading a good book. My favourite books are Wuthering Hights, Little women, The Egyptian. I don't even mind reading Scandinavian criminal books which have become very popular. Recently, what I have enjoyed the most, is being with my niece Viktorka, who I really like to be spoiling :).



I started working at doctor's Suchý as an ortodontic assistant in 2011. I have always enjoyed working at dental office. Before I started working at orthodontic practice, I had worked at dental surgery, but working for doctor Suchý definitely delights me. What I enjoy the most, is people's excitment and joy when they have a new smile. I spend my free time with my family and friends, I  like traveling, going to music festivals and I also like watching good films. My best series is  Game of Thrones.

Matěj - upraveno  

Matěj Suchý

I became a member of the team in 2015. My responsibilities include informing patients of types of braces, their prices and explain all details about straightening teeth. I am also responsible for all maintenance to make sure the doctor (my brother) can fully focus on creating beautiful smiles. I spend my free time with my family,  do canoe slalom on whitewater and go cross-country skiing. Instead of bedtime stories I watch The Big Bang Theory and I can relax watching some old action or sci-fi films. I can't stand liver.



I have belonged to the team since 2011. I spend my free time in the nature, I ride a horse, go for trips with my friends. My biggest interest and hobby is our dog Amstaff. You can often meet us in Kunratický forest or at bullsport events :). My other hobbies are reading, my favourite books are especially Čachtická paní by Nižnánský and The Raven by E. A. Poe. I also like painting, cooking and gardening.

Źaneta - upraveno  


I have been a member of doctor's Suchý team since 2016.

My job is also my hobby and our patient´s new beautiful smiles and their satisfaction makes me always happy. I like doing sports in my free time. I play volleyball, often go cycling or swimming, spend time with my friends, family and my pets.



I finished studies for certified dental technician in 2013 and started working in a private dental practice, where I worked till April 2016. I spend my free time with my family. Me and my boyfriend spend time with our pet Denny, with whom we go for trips in the nature, either walking or cycling. I like music and good films. I always look forward to summer and relaxing by the sea. I have worked at doctor's Suchý practice since May 2016. My job is my joy and it fullfils me as well.



Opening hours

Monday  11.00 - 19.00    
Tuesday 07.30 - 14.30    
Wednesday 07.30 - 14.30    
Thursday  11.00 - 18.00    
Friday 07.30 - 14.00    

We treat the last patients 1 hour before the end of working hours.


Krizikova 332/1
186 00 Praha 8
Right at metro B+C Florenc



tel.: +420 728 671 441
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