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What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the part of dentistry specialising in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and jaw anomalies.

Who is an Orthodontist?

In Czech Republic a dentist who, after finishing medical faculty, attended European Union certified 3-year study program at the university. Orthodontists mostly providing only orthodontic treatment and all other necessary dental treatment is done by their cooperating dental colleagues.

What are positive effects of orthodontic treatment?

  • More attractive smile
  • Can positively affect psychological development of children and teenagers
  • Better teeth function
  • More self confidence
  • Enhanced teeth brushing
  • Better evening out of bite pressure and therefore less teeth wear
  • Providing optimal conditions for implantology, prosthodontic treatment and general dental treatment


                          When should I visit the orthodontist?

                          • upper front teeth are very much in front of your lower front teeth (severe overjet)
                          • upper front teeth are covering more than a half of your lower front teeth when biting (severe overbite)
                          • upper front teeth while biting are behind lower front teeth (underbite)
                          • upper and lower front teeth are not touching each other while biting (openbite)
                          • crooked teeth (crowding)
                          • upper and lower midline are not coresponding (mismatch midlines)
                          • thumb sucking or often tongue sticking out of the mouth
                          • chewing problems
                          • extensive toothwear
                          • lower jaw is shifting to the side while biting
                          • gaps between teeth (spacing)

                          What age is best to begin an orthodontic treatment?

                          It's never too late to have a beautiful smile. Adults should visit the orthodontist to improve the appearance of their smiles and their overall dental health. The oldest patient recorded wearing braces was 98 years old! On the other side in children it's necessary to decide when starting the treatment would be most effective. In general if you or your general dentist suspect some orthodontic problems it is best to come to see us. We will discuss the problem with you profoundly.

                          Can I be treated only with removable appliances?

                          In most cases no. Only fixed braces have the possibility to control tooth movements in 3D. Removable appliances are used mainly in very young children. There is only one exception: so called Invisalign. These are clear removable aligners which are used mainly by adults. This very comfortable and almost invisible treatment is appropriate only for treatment of easier cases.

                          Do I need braces in both jaws?

                          Usually it is necessary to have braces in both jaws. Only exceptionally we can use braces just in one jaw. Braces both in the upper and in the lower are vital to gain good contact between teeth after treatment. This is important for stability of the result and for the health of your teeth.

                          I want the braces less visible. Which possibilities do I have?

                          We can use transparent braces – ceramic or saphire. Many patients prefer absolutely invisible braces. For them we use lingual braces, it means they are fixed on the inner side of the teeth. Then nobody knows about the treatment unless you tell them.

                          How long will my orthodontic treatment last?

                          We expect your treatment to last from 6 to 24 months, though this will vary depending on your individual case.

                          Your cooperation in keeping scheduled orthodontic appointments, maintaining proper hygiene, and taking care of your braces may allow us to finish your orthodontic treatment early.


                                          What can I expect on my first visit and after?

                                          Your initial visit will give you an opportunity to meet the doctor and our knowledgable staff, who will answer any questions. They will give you a clinical examination to determine a course of treatment and an estimate of the treatment duration and fee. If you find the treatment appropriate we will schedule the examination appointment. During this we will take photos, X-rays and impressions. We will also measure many things directly in your mouth. Only with all this information we can provide a complete clinical diagnosis regarding the nature of the problem and create exact treatment and financial plan. This will be discussed with you in the third consultation appointment. Often there is more than one possibility of the treatmeant. You will choose the one which fits you best. At the latest you will get your braces during your fourth visit.

                                          Then there will be 10 to 15 adjustment visits before braces removal. After removing your braces you will get both fixed and removable retainers. Retainers help keep your teeth straight. If they are not worn as instructed, your teeth will move, or tend to relapse. There is no other way for your teeth to stay aligned!

                                          What does orthodontic treatment cost?

                                          Costs for orthodontic treatment vary according to the severity of the problem, length and complexity of treatment. Fees plus arrangements for payments are fully discussed at the consultation appointment(3rd).

                                          Usually we request about 1/3 of the total fee when treatment begins. The second third is paid after six months and the rest at the end after appliance removal. Some international insurance companies cover part of orthodontic treatment fees. Please check with your insurance system.

                                          Do braces hurt?

                                          There have been some fantastic advances in the way we do things now in orthodontics to make treatment more comfortable for our patients. These include smaller, smoother brackets, and gentler wires which provide a continuous small force over a long period of time rather than a strong force for only a short period. Typically there is some discomfort two to three days after each adjustment.

                                          Will braces affect playing sports?

                                          You should be able to play just about any sport or activity. Although we do highly recommend wearing a mouth guard in contact sports or any sports where there is a chance you can get hit in the face.

                                          Are there any problems with playing a musical instrument?

                                          No. All problems will diminish within a fortnight. Lingual orthodontics are recommended for professional brass instrument players.

                                          Is it necessary to visit my general dentist during the orthodontic treatment?

                                          Yes, absolutely. Please visit your general dentist every six months for check ups and removing tartar.


                                          Is it necessary to pull out teeth for orthodontic reasons?

                                          We use extractions only in absolutely necessary cases. In some patients it is not possible to achieve nice and stable result without pulling out some teeth. We don't do such extractions by ourselves, you will be refered to your general dentist.

                                          Sometimes it is possible to avoid extractions with stripping. It means narrowing teeth by 0,25mm. Narrowed surfaces are precisely polished. It is proven that there is no increase in the potential for decay.

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