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Information about payments

We have contracts with all Czech health insurance companies. They partly cover treatment of both children and adults. Apart from payments for treatment which are paid by health insurance companies directly to our office, there is also extra refund available for patients. If a patient goes to his health insurance company with a proof of payment from our office after having fixed braces attached, they can get a refund up to 3000 CZK.The amount can be changable during a  year, it depends on financial conditions of health insurance companies and on getting some other bonuses from them previously (e.g. vaccination).

A price for every patient differs. It depends on seriousness of a defect and on extent and a type of used material. A price for treatment with fixed braces can be 5000 CZK but it can also be much higher. Our patients are told final price for whole treatment from beginning till the end when we set their treatment plan. Some medical practices inform only of a price for attaching braces, but patient is not informed about prices of subsequent procedures.

Price includes whole treatment from beginning till the end. Usually it means all material for attaching fixed braces, all material needed during all further check-ups, all medical procedures which aren't covered by health insurance companies, and also material and procedures for taking braces off (fixed retainers, removable retainers). The same applies to Invisalign treatment


Fixed braces

Whole amount for treatment by fixed braces is paid in three instalments. Around 40% of the price is paid at beginning of the treatment, another 40% are to be paid in 6 months since the treatment has started and the rest of the amount is paid on the day braces are taken off. First and second payments come on one invoice (possible to pay in cash, by card or bank transfer), the third payment is on a seperate receipt (paid in cash or by card on the day when braces are taken off). If you choose premium material, the additional charge is divided into the first and second payment for braces.


Invisalign braces

1/3 of the whole amount for treatment by Invisalign braces is paid at beginning of the treatment. The rest of the price is to be paid in 6 months since the treatment has been started.


Teeth on credit

We realize that prices for an orthodontic treatment are high. Not everyone can afford the treatment easily. That's why we cooperate with a company "Teeth on credit", which provides loans for a dental treatment. More information on www.uvernazuby.cz.

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