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Metal brackets with color elastics

Traditional metal brackets are still  the most used brackets in the Czech Republic. They are not the most modern ones though. They have been on the market for nearly 50 years without being changed. Requirements for aesthetics of smile have changed since then. The smile isn't as beautiful and modern after straightening the teeth with this type of braces as it is with using more modern types of braces (Invisalign, Damon system). Therefore we use metal brackets with color elastics only in children till the age of 10 when second phase of treatment with modern braces at 12 or later is anticipated.


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Basic parts of fixed braces are bands bonded to back teeth (it doesn't have to be always like this)  and brackets bonded to the front teeth. Wire, which straightens the teeth and is fastened by ligatures, is put in brackets and bands. Ligatures can be made of rubber (color and clear "elastics") or metal. Because of big friction caused by ligatures, the teeth move more slowly. That's why there are also self-ligating brackets, eg. Damon, which don't need ligatures and the treatment is not only faster but it also offers a lot of other advantages.



Everyone can choose a colour they like

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MUDr. Ondřej Suchý:

"Traditional brackets with elastics have been used in our office mostly for treatment of the youngest patients who will decline anything but color brackets. Other patients welcome the advantages of more modern types of braces (fixed Damon or removable Invisalign) which are a faster and more comfortable treatment, less common extractions of the teeth, less visible braces, etc."


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